Jayanthan Amalanathan



Jayanthan Amalanathan is a 23-year-old community worker with 5+ year working experience. He is a mechatronic undergraduate of Uva Wellassa University Sri Lanka. He is working as a part-time employee at DreamSpace Academy as a guardian of the mechanical and electronic lab. He is passionate about tackling socio, economical and environmental challenges with his expertise in Mechanical and Electronic engineering through social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

3D Modeling 100%
Embedded System 90%
Project Management 75%
Programming 80%
Startup Management 90%
Photography 55%



Build an early sample or model of a product built to test a concept. The prototype could be in the context of semantics, design, electronics, and software programming. These are generally used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users.

3D Modeling and Printing

It is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized computer aided softwares. The 3D model from design softwares ARE physically created using 3D printing devices.

PCB Designing and Printing

Printed circuit board (PCB) design brings electronic circuits to life in the physical form. The PCB design process combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a manufactured circuit board using layout software.

Machine Building

Manufacture production tools, equipment and machines for the companies as well as consumers in order to deliver efficient machines and equipment for all branches.

Photography Assignments

Freelance Event, Street and Nature photographer practice of creating durable images by recording light by an image sensor or light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

Facilitation and Mentoring

Facilitate and Mentor a group of people or individuals on Startup to work together, understand their common objectives, and plan how to achieve these objectives, during meetings, one to one session and discussions.


Professional Experience

Startup Trainer

2020 - Present

Startup Business Management Trainer in Skills Development to become Content Providers in Tourism by Skill for Inclusive Growth funded by Australian aid.


Guardian - Maker Lab

2019 - Present

The founding member and Guardian of Mechanical and Electrical Lab in DreamSpace Academy; a social innovation center in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.



2020 - Present

Founder of J Matrix, a startup to develop electrical and mechanical prototype.

Co Founder and CTO

2020 - Present

Chief technical officer for Trash For Trade which is a plastic upcycling social enterprise.

District Coordinator

2018 - 2019

Coordinator in Batticaloa District for Youth for Love and Life (YLL); A Youth wing of Center for PeaceBuilding and Reconciliation (CPBR).


Co-founder and Director

2014 - Present

Co-founder and Director – Operations & Team Management of Sagacious Youth Lead Consortium Sri Lanka; (SYLCSL) a youth organization that creates platforms to empower youths in decision making, partnership and making them to lead themselves.


Volunteering Experience

Hackdev Ambassador

2019 - Present

Ambassadors of HackaDev National Youth Social Innovation Challenge organized by United Nation Development programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka's is a premier platform for youth to become social entrepreneurs through contributing to solve development challenges in the country.


Award Leader

2018 - Present

Youth Award Leader of SYLC youth award unit for Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, National Youth Award Division, National Youth Services Council.



2019 - Present

Founder of Resilient Environment Youth Network (REYN) initiative; a community environmentalist with the vision to build a green Sri Lanka.

Co-Founder and Director

2018 - Present

Director and Co-founder of SPM Foundation; a charity service to support the people in need from Batticaloa, Srilanka.


2019 - Present

Founder of "You" "We" "Us" initiative; a community in universities to empower and engage students to utilize the national and international opportunities.



Event organizer and Co-facilitator at Youth4Youth initiative of United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA); a youth lead initiative of providing safe spaces for young people.


Event Coordinator

2018 - 2019

Volunteering as a Human Resource for Inner search Programme; an exchange programme for foreigners to engage with Sri Lankan Religion, Culture and Tradition.




Facilitator for Exhibition for Dialog (E4D); a photography exhibition for deep reflective dialogue by the Centre for Peace building and Reconciliation (CPBR), Colombo, Sri Lanka.






“Optimizing the Effective use of Traditional Methods Over the Current Practice of Waste Management and its impact on Climate Change ” was an Oral Presentation Presented in the 2nd International Climate Change Conference 2018 organized by TIIKM with the Collaboration of Colorado State University and University of Colombo.




“Portable Water Purification Method With Minimum Cost And Maximum Efficiency” is a research presented in the regional Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) - 2013.



Startup Business Management


Startup Business Management is a 6 month professional certification course of Startup Academy and Rising Tide Foundation.




2019 - Present

Following bachelor of technology in Science and Technology at Uva Wellasa University, Sri Lanka.

Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

High school education

2013 - 2017

Followed Bio Science course for Advanced level in Shivananda National School

Bt/Shivananda National School

Primary and Secondary Education

2003 - 2013

Studied from Grade 1 to ordinary level in Shivananda National School.

Bt/Shivananda National School



Hackdev COVID 19 Innovation Challenge


Hackdev COVID 19 Innovation Challenge 2020 is launched by the United Nations Development Programme for innovators in Sri Lanka to bring forward their solutions to help fight the impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic.



Hackdev is a Social Innovation Challenge initiated by the Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology, United Nations Development Programme, Information, and Communication Technology Agency and National Youth Services Council.

Gold Awardee of DOEB


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a youth awards programme founded in the United Kingdom by the Royal Family.

ASU Watson Sustainability Solution Awards


ASU Watson Sustainability Solution Awards was awarded by Arizona State University which is a regional for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

National Science Research project competition


National Research Project Competition is conducted by National Science Foundation under the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Valentine Basnayake Award


Valentine Basnayake Award was awarded by the Environmental Committee of Srilankan Association For the Advancement Science(SLAAS).


Gen U Challenge


Generation unlimited is a platform for young people to develop their ideas by providing resources and mentors. It is co-hosted by the United Nations Development Programme and United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund.



Representing Uva Wellassa University for Table Tennis for Srilankan University Games.

Robotic Battle


Robotic battle is a challenge is to develop a manually controlled Battle Robot to fight with the opponent in the provided arena which is organized by Applied Science faculty of Uva Wellassa University.


2019 & 2013

Robofest is the annual robotic competition organized by the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.



Annual Research Session is an Annual research conference of Easter University, Sri Lanka.

Youth Forum on Climate Change

2017 & 2018

Sri Lankan Climate Change Forum is conducted by Srilankan Youth Climate Action Network (SLYCAN Trust) in Blue Green Era by the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment.

Sakasak Nimavum


Sakasak Nimavum is a National Exhibition for Inventions and Innovations in Sri Lanka conducted by Sri Lankan Inventory Commission under the Ministry of Research and Technology.


2013 & 2014

Stockholm Junior Water Prize is a water research project competition conducted by Community led Environmental Network under the collaboration of Ministry of Education.



Future leaders National Conference is youth peace building programme of Srilankan Unites.

National School Meet

2012, 2013 & 2014

Represented Shivananda National school for Table tennis.

National School Meet


Represented Shivananda National school for Chess.



372/2 Government Quarters Road, Kallady, Batticaloa.



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